OIS Swimming Sports

By Belinda Hirst | Posted: Thursday February 8, 2024

OIS Swimming Sports is on Wednesday 6 March at our school pool. They begin at 9.00 am and finish at approximately 11.30 pm.

Students are expected to arrive at school in their school uniform and then, once at school, get changed into either PE gear or house colours. They are allowed to wear house colours but NO face paint, glitter or things in their hair. Please make sure your child is aware the canteen will not be open at morning tea. Please ensure they have snacks packed and a water bottle. We recommend that they bring two towels and a top to put over their togs to keep warm when waiting between races. The school-wide expectation is that all students participate.

If your child is unable to participate, please email or send a note to their classroom teacher. Spectators are more than welcome to come to watch. The school will continue as normal in the afternoon - finishing at 2.45 pm.