Newsletter #1

By Rebecca Meek | Posted: Thursday February 1, 2024

Kia ora koutou katoa, I would like to acknowledge all the students, the staff and the parent community at Oamaru Intermediate School. I know first-hand how overwhelming the start of the year can be, settling into new routines, and classrooms and learning the OIS way. I want to commend each and every one of you for the positive energy and enthusiasm that you have brought to the start of the year. Students are taking on new challenges and new expectations in their stride. We really value your support.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that your child is in the correct uniform. With the weather being so hot, it is extremely important that your child brings a hat to school every day. Nail polish, makeup and jewellery are not to be worn to school but, your child is able to wear one set of stud earrings in their ears and a watch.

I believe the two years that your child will spend at Intermediate, are a very special time in a child’s life and education. It is a time that they can find out what they like, and perhaps more importantly, what they might need more support with in a safe and secure environment. At OIS we provide a wide range of activities so that every child can find and follow their passions. We want our young people to experience a balance between academic success, positive social interactions, and full involvement in sports, cultural activities and the arts. We also want them to have a bit of fun along the way!

At OIS we talk about being IDEAL students and may often hear the phrase “At OIS we…”

The D in IDEAL is for Daring to succeed. Examples of this can look like

  • Being at school on time, being ready to learn, and having the right gear.

  • Accepting a challenge and being brave to try new things.

  • Setting goals and working towards achieving them.

The E is for Engaging with mana. Taking pride in ourselves, and how we look, is a key component of this. At OIS we are very proud of our uniform and how it is worn. An important part of the OIS culture is how we engage positively with people face-to-face and online on any platform of social media.

We have zero tolerance for hands-on, swearing, name calling and racial or repeated bullying comments.

Other ways we can Engage with mana can look like this;

  • Keeping the school tidy by using the bins and our common sense.

  • Resolving conflict positively, not resulting in unsafe behaviour or words.

  • Standing up for yourself and others in a positive way.

  • Being a positive role model to those around us.

  • Speaking respectfully, using appropriate words, to others and being kind.

Doing the right thing takes courage and can often mean speaking out when we know something isn’t right. We encourage students to stand up for what they know is right. We also encourage students to live the values both at school, at home and in our community. Over the weekend take a moment to reflect on your values as a family and how they align with the OIS way. Discuss how these values can be demonstrated in different contexts.

We have an open-door policy and we encourage you to talk with your teacher if your child is coming home unhappy or concerned about something. Your first port of contact is your child’s classroom teacher. This is easily done via email or by making a phone call to the office to set up a meeting.

Technology Programme

Our Technology Programme starts next week. The students will get one half-day block of tech every day for the next 8 weeks. During this time they will rotate around our four different tech areas. Keep an eye on Facebook to see what our students are doing in technology.

Year 8 Camp

Yesterday information went home to parents regarding the cost and fundraising that is happening at school. 100% attendance is expected at camp so we do encourage you to take up the fundraising opportunities we have available this term - Juicies, Raffle and Pies. If you have any questions regarding camps please contact your child’s teacher.


Each weekend our classroom teachers send an email to whānau. This email will outline any up-and-coming events or reminders. OIS is a busy place and your child will need our support in learning new systems and keeping up to date. We would encourage you to follow us on Facebook and check your emails. 

Visiting school

If you need to speak with your child or pick your child up during the day we do ask that you come to the office and sign in.


Our school gate is very busy at 8.30 am and 2.45 pm - 3.00 pm. For the safety of our students and staff on duty, can you PLEASE not park on Pembroke Street near the school gate. You can also pick your child up from the gate opposite Whitestone Diner & Deli. The Dacre Street gate is closed at the moment due to construction on the school grounds. 


If your child needs to bring a phone to school, it must be turned off and handed to their classroom teacher at the start of the day. It is kept secure until the end of the day and then returned to your child.

New World

We ask that OIS students do not go into New World before or after school unless an adult is with them. Students are not to ride or scooter through the New World car park at any stage. They must go around on the footpath.

Ngā mihi nui

Rebecca Meek